The Living Wage on Labor Day

Today is a celebration of Labor. It is meant to honor all those men and women who work hard to make this country great. If you have been or are among that number please hold your head up high and look to your fellow workers to thank them for doing their part.

Necessarily, on a personal level we look at work as a means to support ourselves and our family. But the broader picture reveals that it is the worker that is the engine of our society. We are encourage by children tales of the Little Tug or Locomotive that never quits, moving forward for the greater good.

Although many of our politicians seem to have forgotten this they do so on a wobbly foundation. Those politicians who would deny a worker a living wage are caught up in yesterday’s smoke-filled rooms that now is replaced by the billionaire’s palace. They sell your vote in favor of bucks to feed their campaign for reelection. The billionaires own most media outlets yet through the social revolution, which is the Internet, they are being exposed, finally, brought to the light of day.

And so, I say to all those workers struggling for fair compensation keep moving forward, you are not alone, learn to join in the effort to push this load to the Apex.

Have a good Labor Day stay safe.

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